Good Grief in the News

“How to process climate grief over the California wildfires,” Grist, Eric   

Is The Changing Climate Giving You Anxiety? You’re Not Alone.” KRCC,  – 10/19/2018

Episode 1 – Good Grief” Audiofiles, Avi Scher, 10/17/2018

Will Climate Change Actually Increase Suicide Rates?,” Earther, Yessenia Funes – 07/25/2018

Using Nature as a Remedy for Eco-Anxiety.” Dissecting the News, Matt Zhao – 04/19/2018

How Worry About Climate Change Affects Us“, Wisconsin Public Radio, Kate Archer Kent – 01/04/2018

Utah: EcoAnxiety.” Weather Channel, Stephanie Valera – 12/19/2017

First Step To ‘Eco-Grieving’ Over Climate Change? Admit There’s A Problem” NPR, Judy Fahys – 04/22/2017

Feeling Helpless About the Future of the Planet? Now There’s a 9-Step Program For That.” Fusion, Caroline Preston – 04/04/2017

Building a Locus of Control: Protecting Yourself From “Climate Trauma”

New Support Group Focuses on Climate Grief” KUER, JAN 12, 2017

How to Address ‘Climate Grief:’ A support group for people feeling distress about global warming.” Yale Climate Connections, Sara Peach • Dec 5, 2016

Support group helps those with ‘climate grief’” E&E News

Nov 29, 2016

Sad about climate change? There’s a support group for that.” Yale Climate Connections, Daisy Simmons • Nov 28 2016

Step aside, old white guys” Durango Telegraph, Joy Martin – 08/18/2016

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