What No One Wants to Talk About (When We Talk About Celebrities)

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Chances are, you’ve already heard that pop icon Demi Lovato nearly died from a recent overdose. For how frequently we discuss celebrities, it amazes me how little we think about the human beings behind the hype. We talk about what they wear, tweet, and say. We pin our hopes, fears,…

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Natural Gratitude

After I graduated with my undergraduate degree, I lived with retired Sisters of Mercy for a year while I tried to write a book about mental illness and spirituality. The experience so radically shifted my perspective that I abandoned work on the book, because I wasn’t even sure who this person…

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5 Tips To Uncover Truth In A Post Truth World

With the abundance of information flying around each moment, how are we to know what’s true and what information is being bent for someone else’s agenda? Who can we trust when it’s been proven that Exxon and Shell knew about climate change decades ago and engaged in a campaign to…

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