About Us

Adair, Utah Organizer

Adair believes in community, sentientism, and healing processes. They’ve been active at various times in grassroots mental health education, animal rights and vegan advocacy, disability rights, LGBT community, sexual consent education, and resistance to police brutality and racism–though they’re a software developer at their day job. Their current perspective on systemic issues involves an understanding of the current ecocidal, life-crushing dominant paradigm’s origins in colonization, capitalism, and an atomistic understanding of humans and things. They hope to live in such a way as to promote compassionate connection to self, other, and earth, and to push back against the destructive system.

Their other organization commitment these days is serving on the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) committee of PANDOS.

Aimee L Reau

Aimee Lewis-Reau, CoFounder & Creative Director

Born and raised in southeast Michigan, Aimee is a certified Scholè Yoga Instructor and RYT 200. She DJs under the name eXis10shAL and takes delight in making crowds dance, because Alice Walker said it best: “Hard times require furious dancing.”

Aimee received her Bachelor’s degree in English, Poetry, and Religion from Central Michigan University before obtaining her MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Georgia College & State University.

LaUra Schmidt, CoFounder & Director Of Operations

Hailing from Michigan, Laura is a graduate of Central Michigan University with a BS in Environmental Studies, Biology, and Religious Studies. She earned her MS in Environmental Humanities from the University of Utah.

Laura grew to understand the importance of place through spending some time living and playing in North Carolina & Louisiana. She’s a Climate Reality Leadership Corps member and finds inspiration in natural landscapes and honest, open-hearted dialogue.

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