Antique Wisdom for a Changing World: Applying an Ancient Tradition to Modern Environmental Issues

An Article by LaUra Schmidt, MS Environmental Humanities Abstract The earth is facing contemporary environmental crises that will lead to catastrophic outcomes. Can practicing an ecologically-friendly religion help mitigate some of the current crises? Buddhism seems to have an “ecological perspective.” But where does this religion, grounded in over 2,500 years of tradition…

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Driving for Democracy

LaUra Schmidt and I mailed out our applications for absentee ballots on the same day, in the same sized envelopes from the same post office. Her ballot came, mine didn’t. I assumed it was on the way. Election day inched closer and still no ballot. Friday before the election, I…

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What No One Wants to Talk About (When We Talk About Celebrities)

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Chances are, you’ve already heard that pop icon Demi Lovato nearly died from a recent overdose. For how frequently we discuss celebrities, it amazes me how little we think about the human beings behind the hype. We talk about what they wear, tweet, and say. We pin our hopes, fears,…

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