A Reminder to All Activists | Uplifted Life

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  1. Laura and Aimee Wow you have really put it all together – most of your resources are people I have read/followed for years. And listening to both of you on the podcasts, to your enthusiasm and your knowledge of the subject, is truly inspirational. I feel very satisfied that I can say I have followed you Laura almost from when you first started Good Grief, and that I have used some of the process that you developed in my work in the community. We, the Suzuki Elders here in Vancouver, are gradually working at getting interest in the community to “Climate Conversation Groups”. I some how will work into having people listen to your podcasts and read everything that you have included in resources. WAY TO GO!!!

    • Thank you, Don! We are incredibly close to releasing our manual and you’ll be one of the first to have access! We appreciate your support and dedication to climate conversations!

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