10 Steps to Psychosocial Resilience

The Good Grief Network’s unique 10 Step Program aims to help build personal resilience while strengthening community ties to combat despair, inaction, and eco-anxiety on the collective level. ******To Start the Good Grief Network’s 10-Step Program In Your Community, Sign Up Here:  http://eepurl.com/dCIyLv  ******

10 Steps to Psychosocial Resilience

in a Chaotic Climate

  1. ​Accept the problem and its severity

  2. ​Acknowledge​ ​That​ ​I​ ​Am​ ​Part​ ​Of​ ​The​ ​Problem​ ​As​ ​Well​ ​As​ ​The Solution

  3. Practice​ ​Sitting With​ ​Uncertainty

  4. Confront​ ​My​ ​Own​ ​Mortality​ ​And​ ​The​ ​Mortality​ ​Of​ ​All

  5. Feel My feelings

  6. Do Inner Work

  7. Take​ ​Breaks​ ​And​ ​Rest​ ​As​ ​Needed

  8. Develop Awareness of Brain Patterns and Perception

  9. Show Up

  10. Reinvest Into Problem-Solving Efforts

Episode 6: Ten Steps to Resilience in a Chaotic Climate

LaUra and Aimee explain their 10 step program that leads to psychosocial resilience from systemic existential threats. They acknowledge the importance of looking inwardly to engage outwardly. This program was originally created by LaUra during her Environmental Humanities Graduate program at the University of Utah and after Aimee moved to…

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Step 1: Admit That I Am Part of the Problem As Well As The Solution

Thank you for being a part of the Good Grief Network! As some of you know, we’ve recently started the second round of the Good Grief Psychosocial Resiliency Program. I’ll recap the first step in a bit. Step One: Accept the problem and its severity. What made you realize the…

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Step 8: Seek Beauty & Meaning

The Little Prince

Resources:  Lee Smith’s Tedx Talk Thich Nhat Hanh‘s upcoming film Walk With Me Etty Hillesum’s Diary – A look inside the concentration camps of Nazi Germany and one woman’s experience The Lady In Number 6 (40 minute documentary about a woman named Alice — her life after a concentration camp) And…

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Step 7: Take Breaks & Rest When You Need To

Good Evening Grievers, I’ll recap our Step 7 – but first, some updates. 1) Victoria, Aimee, & I are headed to California for the Ecopsychology Conference. There’s still room in the car to travel with us – do you want to come? It’s this next weekend and will be amazing,…

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Step 6: Show Up

Below is a recap of Step 6: Showing Up. Dick started the meeting by reading a short piece from Loren Isley, a Nebraskan Ecologist. I hadn’t heard of this fellow, but I’m interested in diving into some of his work. As many of our group sessions do, we discussed our…

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