10 Steps to Psychosocial Resilience

The Good Grief Network’s unique 10 Step Program aims to help build personal resilience while strengthening community ties to combat despair, inaction, and eco-anxiety on the collective level. ******To Start the Good Grief Network’s 10-Step Program In Your Community, Sign Up Here:  http://eepurl.com/dCIyLv  ******

10 Steps to Psychosocial Resilience

in a Chaotic Climate

  1. ​Accept the problem and its severity

  2. ​Acknowledge​ ​That​ ​I​ ​Am​ ​Part​ ​Of​ ​The​ ​Problem​ ​As​ ​Well​ ​As​ ​The Solution

  3. Practice​ ​Sitting With​ ​Uncertainty

  4. Confront​ ​My​ ​Own​ ​Mortality​ ​And​ ​The​ ​Mortality​ ​Of​ ​All

  5. Feel My feelings

  6. Do Inner Work

  7. Take​ ​Breaks​ ​And​ ​Rest​ ​As​ ​Needed

  8. Develop Awareness of Brain Patterns and Perception

  9. Show Up

  10. Reinvest Into Problem-Solving Efforts

Step 3: Let Go

So, Step 3 is all about letting go: Letting go of expectations (those you’ve harbored for yourself and those of the future being what we expected or projected). What’s a realistic expectation for a single human being in this time and place? What did you imagine the future to be like?…

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